How to choose the best fragrance for your handmade candle

Fragrance is the essence of scented soy candles, so obviously everyone that makes soy candles wants to make their candles the best scented out there! There are so many different fragrances and fragrance oil suppliers that it can be difficult to know which fragrances throw well in soy wax and which suppliers carry the best fragrances.

Hot scent throw is what every candle maker strives for. A candle can have an awesome cold throw, but then when you burn it for awhile it may do poorly with the hot throw.

This is why it’s so important to buy the right fragrance oils. There’s nothing worse than spending a bunch of money on candle fragrance oils and then finding out they do not have a good hot scent throw!

The thing with soy candles is that not all oils throw well in soy wax, so you need to make sure you buy fragrance oils that are made for soy wax or known to throw well in soy.

So I am going to list oils from a few different companies that sell wholesale candle making supplies . These companies are ones that I know sell fragrance oils that give a good hot throw in soy candle wax. These are oils that I have used and highly recommend. I have by no means tried all the fragrance oils that these suppliers carry, so that’ll be up to you if you want to try some other kinds. Many candle making suppliers carry 1oz samples of their oils, so it is wise to start with that and do some testing your soy candles before deciding on buying more in bulk.

And remember, just because a fragrance oil from one company throws awesome, that does not mean the same fragrance oil from a different company will do the same! Candle fragrance oils will vary from company to company (though some may use the same manufacturer, so might have some of the same fragrances).

When I was searching for a good coffee fragrance, I bought samples from 4 different places and none of them smelled the same. I thought that the coffee scent from Candlesoylutions in the list below was the truest black coffee fragrance (I do use the max amount of that one since it is harder to get any coffee scent to throw strong)

And to answer the question “Can I make candles with perfume?” No, most perfumes contain alcohol, and even if they don’t, fragrance oils for candles are specifically made to use in candle wax.

List of Best Fragrance Oils for Soy Candles

Unless otherwise stated, these are all fragrances I have personally used.

Candle Science

Apple Harvest (recommended by group members)

Citron and Mandarin (recommended by group members)

Coffee (recommended by group members)

Coriander and Tonka

Grapefruit Mangosteen (recommended by group members)

Orange Chili pepper (recommended by group members)

Peach Nectar (recommended by group members)

Sunwashed Linen (recommended by group members)

Very Vanilla (recommended by group members)


Almost Paradise

Apple Pie

Apple Spice

Apple Strudel

Birthday Cake

Black Coffee (light throw)

Buttered Rum

Carrot Cake

Cherry Almond



Cinnamon Spice

Clean Cotton


Clove Pomander

Cucumber Melon



Fresh Linen





Lemon Cheesecake



Lilac Blossoms


Love Spell




Orange Spice

Pumpkin Pie



Sugar Cookie

Sunflower (I used to have a perfume like this. On of my all time favorite fragrances!)

Toasted Hazelnut


White Cake

Wild Cherry

Candle Cocoon

Blatantly blueberry (recommended by group members)

Brandied Pear (recommended by group members)

Brewed Jasmine

Coffee pumpkin (recommended by group members)

Cranberry Compote

Crushed Strawberry and Rhubarb

Daydream Believer


Ginger Chiffon (recommended by group members)

Malayan Mango (recommended by group members)

Masala Chai (recommended by group members)

Melon,Fig and Apricot

Peony White Tea (recommended by group members)

Raspberry Cordial


Vanilla Voodoo (recommended by group members)

Winter Woodlands Whisper


Apple Pie



Pumpkin Crunch

Relaxing (recommended by group members)

Rosehip Jasmine (recommended by group members)

Natures Garden

Christmas Cabin

Fresh Cut Grass

Leather Jacket

Oatmeal, Milk and Honey (More of a lighter fragrance, but it does smell good when burning)

Northstar Country Candle Supply

Baby Powder (medium scent, smells just like baby powder)

Midsummer Night (like the Yankee scent and very strong!)

Pearberry (not a really strong scent, but you can smell it and it smells nice)

Peak Candle Supply

Enchanted Apple (recommended by group members)

The Flaming Candle Company

Avocado Mint (recommended by group members)

Chili Pepper (recommended by group members)

Love Spell (recommended by group members)

Sweet Orange (recommended by group members)

There may have been some fragrance oils that I missed and there are definitely more that I will be testing, so check back as I will update this list as I test more candle fragrance oils.

If you know of some other best fragrance oils for soy candles, please feel free to share in the comments!