Why choose me?

- I have enough experience in decorative candles manufacturing.

- I can create the best decorative candle made of any natural material, including natural beeswax, paraffine, essential oils, acrylic paints, beads, and other decorative materials.

- I can create any candle design starting from Christmas holiday candles and ending with fragrant Mason Jar Candles helping create a cozy atmosphere at your home.

- You can choose any fragrance you want as well as any color.

- If you order handmade candles as a gift, I wrap them in the gift packing.

Which benefits you will get
if you choose me?

- You will get high quality natural beeswax candles that will burn for 24 hours.

- You will get the most exclusive candle design and can be even a so-author of the candle design.

- You can choose your favorite fragrance from the most exclusive aromas, including Fraser fir, Christmas hearth, apples and maple bourbon, blue spruce, frosted juniper, lavender, and so on.

- You can choose any container you want.

About author


I'm a creative handicrafter and have manufactured decorative candles for seven years. This is my work and the most favorite hobby at the same time. I like manufacturing candles to your order using natural beeswax and essential oils. I offer my customers to be a co-author of creative ideas for decorative candles.

Decorative candles can be a perfect gift for your close friend, girlfriend or boyfriend as well as an exclusive interior item helping create a cozy atmosphere at your home. Don't hesitate and let's create a candle masterpiece together!

Helen Weiss a creative decorative candles manufacturer